Film Transfers

It’s time to take that shoebox you have of old 8mm films and transfer them to DVD for a lifetime of memories. Pricing is based on the size of the reels you have — there’s no need to determine how many “feet” of film you have, and you won’t be forced to combine multiple reels on a single larger reel the way some of the “big box” retailers do. In addition, all your work stays local, so you won’t have to trust your precious memories to an anonymous dropbox, or worry that it might get lost in transit.

Our pricing for 8mm/Super8 film transfers is as follows:
Reel size / Price per Reel
3″ / $9
4″ / $16
5″ / $30
6″ / $40
7″ / $50
8″ / $70

A single DVD will hold up to two hours of video. Add $35 for each DVD required. Reels with sound incur a $1/reel surcharge. Custom titles at quote. Splices and repairs, if necessary, are billed at $2 per incident. Improperly wound reels incur a $2/reel charge.

Get those old films together today, and call for a custom quote!