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September 19, 2012 · 1 comment

As you can surmise from the title, yes, this is another post about the importance of buying local. I beg your indulgence, however, because there’s an important point to be made here, and it’s one that is often overlooked in this discussion.

A customer called early this morning with a request to copy some old home videos to DVD. That’s one of our core services, so I took a few minutes to answer the usual questions: Yes, we can accept any video format. Yes, we can combine multiple tapes on a single DVD. Yes, the work stays local. After a few minutes, the customer said, “I wish I had found you guys earlier; I’ve been calling all around trying to find someone to do this quickly, and [insert name of large well-known national chain store here] said it would take a month.” Then the kicker: “I have a funeral tomorrow and I was hoping to have this available to play there.”

When jobs like that come along, they go to the head of the line. I told the customer that if he got the work to me today, we’d get it done in time.

This underscores a larger point: Local shops often have the flexibility and ability to move quickly in such situations. A lot is made of the large inventories of big box stores, their ability to ship obscure items overnight, and other “benefits” to a world that demands instant gratification. Small local stores often get a bad rap because they simply can’t carry the inventory to satisfy every need at every time. But when you need something special, unusual, or have a request such as this, the locals are there for you.

But the locals can’t survive on the occasional “rush” or “special” job. If you like having that quirky camera shop down the road that sells real film and can process your negatives from 20 years ago, you need to stop in more often than once every six months. That local coffee shop that sells the Sumatran Organic Coffee that you like so much? They won’t be there if you drive through the chain store for your java fix every day. Local shops need your support for your everyday purchases, not just the special orders.

That’s not to say that there aren’t times when it’s necessary to shop at a big box, or that it doesn’t make sense financially to do so from time to time. But supporting the locals is important enough that I urge you to consider thinking of them first, not as an afterthought. If you like living in a community that has local people running local stores that serve the unique needs of your local community, you need to…well…shop locally!

I’m appreciative of all our customers. I can’t wait to help this gentleman out with his videos; knowing that we’re able to turn this job around quickly and help him in a time of distress and need is the kind of thing that makes coming in to the studio every day worthwhile. Here’s hoping we’ll see more of you more often, and not just for the emergencies. Thanks for your business.

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RC Ike September 19, 2012 at 9:49 am

Well said as usual!!


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